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Hey Ladies!  How was everyone’s weekend?   Nothing too out of the ordinary here…other than the warm front.   Last weekend my photos were in the center of a blizzard and this weekend it was in the mid 50’s up here.  That’s New England weather.

Let’s talk about Levi’s again.   Obsessed!  A couple of weeks ago, I’m pretty sure I mentioned that I wore Levi’s all through high school & undergrad.  I have no idea why I stopped.  I’m blaming it on the rise of the stretchy skinny jeans and jeggings.   Not that I don’t like skinny jeans.  I do!  I just don’t understand why I couldn’t wear both.  My fault, totally!  The good news is that I am making up for lost time.


First lets talk about the classic 501s.  Not the CTs that have added stretch and a lower rise.  The classic, shrink to fit 501s are a mid rise, durable denim in a slightly boyfriend-ish fit.  Now here is where it gets tricky… It has always been a thing to size up one size in a classic pair of Levi’s, I guess because there is no stretch and because they look so darn amazing worn in so we want to be able to toss them in the dryer over and over again…for years!  They do look huge upon opening the package but they will shrink!

The tricky part is that there are so many different Levi’s options on the market today, and when we stalk the “it girls” in Levi’s on Pinterest it can be hard to tell exactly how they achieved the particular fit we are coveting.   Often times, there is some expert, custom tailoring involved or we are looking at a pair that are Re/Done  The 501 doesn’t have a high rise and it would be tough to get them as fitted because of the proportions.  If you are coveting a pair of high rise, fitted Levi’s, I recommend the 501 skinny which is beyond incredible and I recommend going up one size in these for certain.  I just purchased a pair and they are the closest thing I’ve found to the Re/Done at about 1/2 the price.  I did go up one size and they fit like a glove.  Tight at first but they do sculpt to the body and loosen up a bit with wear.

In this post, I am wearing the classic 501 in one size up from my normal size.  They have been washed and dried a couple of times.  Also, the uneven hem on these is a DIY.  This pair does not come with a raw hem.  On me, I don’t love jeans rolled but I am a big fan of raw hems.  I chose to do an uneven hem on these because the shape of these jeans can make the legs appear stumpy if the hem is cut straight across.  These aren’t a full fledged step hem.  Rather, I took the approach I take with my cut offs.  That is to cut going slightly upward towards the outer seam.  I have found that this elongates the leg considerably!

Finally, if you are looking for something in between the classic 501 and the 501 skinny, but don’t want to pay the Re/Done price I would recommend trying on the wedgie icon fit.  I have two pairs of this style that I love and I’ve featured them on the blog here and here.

I hope this helps a little if you are in the market for a great pair of Levi’s.   They are classics and built to last.  Let me know if you do find your perfect pair.   If you have any questions please leave them in the comments or shoot me an email.  

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*note~I am not wearing the petite regent blazer.  For some reason it keeps linking to the petite.

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