A Blank Slate {only wiser}


A new year is the perfect time to focus on the promise of new beginnings. It really is sort of a symbolic blank slate and I have always been especially motivated by starting fresh.

 I think it is human nature to get so caught up in feelings about  what isn’t working or what we should have done differently that we somehow forget about second chances, alternative approaches…about affording ourselves a blank slate.  A blank slate that holds the wisdom of lessons learned through actual experience.  So in a many cases, the do-over is richer than a smooth first go-round.

How many times have we found ourselves wishing we could go back to being
19 again, with the wisdom we’ve gleaned by the time we are into our thirties
I’m pretty sure this is a common hypothetical longing.  Why?  Probably
because we all make mistakes, we all struggle to find our groove, we all
take a few wrong paths before settling on the best one for us.

This is the analogy that keeps coming to me when I try to articulate my recurring mixed emotions about blogging.  More specifically, my blog!  It took me months and months…and months to realize it isn’t too late to shift perspective and apply the lessons I’ve learned.

There is time for a do-over and it doesn’t have to be so black & white.  Blogging can still be fun, it can still be enjoyable for me and for the readers who like what I share. In the end, my false starts have revealed exactly what is right for me, and I think that gives me something worthwhile to share with my readers.  Something real, tangible, useful…and finally…unique.  A renewed approach to blogging that may be a bit against the grain, but I think that is what is refreshing about it.  This  has to remain as simple as sharing what inspires me.  Not about keeping up, making a ton of money…sticking to a posting schedule.  For me, these parameters take away from the joy, and the authenticity.  Creativity is sort of spontaneous.  It peaks & dips, and the truth of it is…we don’t always have complete control of the process.  It seems when we try to implement too much control over a creative process, it causes stress and self-criticism which, in turn,…diminishes creativity.  Counterproductive, right!?   For me it is.


What if blogging could still be about sharing our gifts, our edits, our favorites, our tried and trues, our growth, our ideas BUT without all the pressure?  I admire the bloggers who have been able to turn their amazing blogs into a full time business.  SO HARD, but possible … with a good business sense {which I lack}.  For me, this would have to be something that  happens as a result of me just doing my thing.  It can’t be my goal because it makes me not want to do it at all.

What if my blog can be a place for me to document and share my life & style edits?   That simple.  Without pressure, competition, and schedules.  I’m learning how it can be… and that only I can make it happen. 


Watching House, MD on Netflix.  If you haven’t already, I highly recommend doing so.  Not only it is intellectually stimulating, but it is also a beautiful story about humanity and relationships!  I always learn so much from the series I chose to watch.  I think it is because I choose them carefully, and they enrich me as a person.

Working my way through The Curated Closet“.  I’ve been taking time out to do the exercises in this book slowly and mindfully.  I’m feeling very affirmed by this fabulous read, and aware that it came to me at the perfect time.  A lot of the beliefs and strategies regarding style that the author, Anuschka Rees, shares are the very observations I’ve made over the past several years of wardrobe focus.  I’m not sure how I would have reacted to this book if I had picked it up 4 years ago.  I suspect “overwhelmed”.   Instead, because of my experience and growth, I feel affirmed and confident.  Timing is everything!

Purging my closet bit by bit.  I have donated so many items.  I’ve been using my instincts and feelings as my guides.  Every time I put something on and I don’t feel fabulous…out it goes.  It sounds scary, I know BUT as time goes on I’ve realized that this simple yet radical approach really works.  It prevents me from holding onto pieces I don’t love because I can’t admit I made a less than stellar purchase.  It prevents me from trying to wear items because I feel guilty and then fidgeting and feeling miserable.  Over time, it has allowed me to create a wardrobe of only pieces that I adore, that remix well, and that make me feel my absolute best.


I am consistently drawn to simplicity.   A simple aesthetic, a simple ensemble, a simple truth, a simple but significant phrase or quote.  This beautiful simplicity is what captivates me and it is the heart of who I am.   

Perspective is everything, and I need to invite Jesus into every aspect of my life.  I am nothing without the infusion of His Grace, His Love & His Guidance.  He is part of this blog.

There is space for blogging in my life but my life can’t be absorbed by the blog.  There is no need for angst over something I chose to do for fun, for peace, and to better myself.

I have a lot to share that is worthwhile and I should not waste my gift.  There is no rush.  It will all come in due time.

A handful of genuine connections is worth so much more than thousands of followers.

I’m not too old to blog.  Forty is wise, refined, enlightened, confident, and fabulous!

Having fewer items in my wardrobe really is better!  Who knew?!

My true style is French girl inspired, classic and minimal.  Oh, and I love wide leg high rise denim & good old Levi’s!”

Life is so much better when I believe I deserve the best, and when I mindfully select each item, and abide in “less is more”.   To curate, to edit, to meticulously choose is really what dreams are made of!


I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback!  Happy New Year, my friends!


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