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wearing:   Aran cable knit |  Everlane Authentic Stretch High Rise Skinny size 27 tall | loafers  


Well…let’s see

I suspect that current circumstances have driven most of us into an odd, unchartered head space…  Also, I assume most  of us are not planning outfits or contemplating our wardrobes (at least not as much as usual).  I don’t want to presume that other people are as unable to focus as I am or that you all are drinking copious amounts of wine in the evening, and wearing sweatpants 24/7!  Reluctantly, though, I admit this is my situation.  With the exception of tackling a few house projects, and making use of moments of clarity for growth, my days are all looking pretty much the same.  Laundry, cooking, cleaning, working out (at home of course), Netflix, lounging with fur babies, and drinking wine.

We are extremely fortunate in that Jeff is able to work from home, and we have been able to maintain our usual in house creature comforts.  We haven’t even run out of toilet paper!  Yet, somehow the anxiety and uncertainty still creeps in!  

I’m learning the art of self love during this time.  Little by little, I’m beginning to understand the drivers of my perfectionism… and, with the help of my Savior, I am untangling them.  You guys, I haven’t straightened my hair in 3 weeks!  Obviously, that is only a surface level example but it counts!  It all counts!  



Finally, let us talk about the authentic Irish Cable Knit!  This timeless classic is an item I believe has a place in every style minded lady’s closet!  Now is a fabulous time to snag one on sale.   Aran’s Sweater Market is offering 20% off site wide using code MOTHER.  This promo requires a minimum spend of $125, and runs for a limited time.   The good news is you can find my exact sweater here already on sale, and the crewneck version (also on sale) here.


I’m keeping this post short and sweet!   Be certain I am sending my love & prayers out to all of you.  Like all things, God will use this for good.   If we listen to His voice, we will be better for it.  AMEN.

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