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Here is a bit of a funny thing situation that I’m sure many of you can relate to. My husband’s response when I mentioned that we have to be careful photographing these wide leg crop jeans so I don’t look four feet wide… ” Well, those are not flattering anyway.”      Ha!

Funny, right!?  In my experience, the boys don’t like anything but skin tight all over.  I chuckle because I so much prefer classy, classic, and stylish over straight up “hot”.  Sure, I love a perfectly streamlined pair of jeans too, but I love mixing things up and having the freedom to enjoy the styles I’m drawn to.

As I mentioned last week, I am a huge fan of wide leg denim especially paired with either a cami & cardi, or a flowy button up shirt unbuttoned with lace peeking out (now,there’s the sexy!).  As far as trends go, I’m not one to jump on the bandwagon.  Although this cut of denim is having a moment, I don’t consider it trendy.  More classic Hepburn, and something I will wear into the next couple of decades.  I’m loving this silhouette, you guys!  I do wish I could have gotten my hands on these jeans in long, though.  I will preface my next statement by saying, I don’t think they make me look fat in person…but holy moly … if there has ever been a time to be mindful of posture and angle in photos, this is it.

Lets talk for a moment about color palettes.  I have been working on a post dedicated to mapping out a color palette, and the crucial role it plays in editing our working wardrobe.   All colors in this look are from my foundation palette. The foundation palette is made up of my most frequently worn colors, and at least one or two of these will appear in every look I put together.   Here is a preview of my Foundation Palette.
Stay tuned for the complete post later in the week.

I’m having so much fun working with the palettes and learning even more about my personal style, and a few gaps I still have in my wardrobe.


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