A little something different & what I would change next time

wearing:  Ralph Lauren wool blazer, thrifted~beautiful option here  | Levi’s 501 original fit {size 27 ~ taken in at waist & hem cut off} | Everlane Cotton Mockneck Muscle Tank |  Frye combat boots similar | Louis Vuitton Speedy | YSL lips |  Tortoise hair clip


Last week,  I posted this look on social media and was both surprised & intrigued by the discussion it generated. In accordance with my promise of full disclosure (always),  I mentioned that I wasn’t sure how I feel about this pairing. It’s not that I hate it… and I definitely love all the pieces.  However, there is something about this outfit that doesn’t feel quite like me.  Many of you know that my style is simple, and most often timeless.  This is a bit more quirky, I think.

 When I first put this blazer on, it immediately called to my mind images of high style & Paris Fashion Week {here, here, here & here}.  I love adding subtle elements of this to my personal style, and for that reason, I adore this blazer.  The thing is, though, I think pairing this sort of modern- vintage style blazer with multiple other statement pieces is super cool but not really me. I felt this strongly as soon as I looked at the photos from this shoot.  The upside is… this is a fabulous learning opportunity that will help me further hone my personal style.  I already have a clearer understanding of how to incorporate a touch of high- style into my looks.  I’m craving a little more differentiation and perhaps playfulness in my wardrobe, but for me it has to be super subtle.  

Anyway, in light of how interested many of you were in discussing why I wasn’t satisfied with this ensemble and what I would change, I’ve decided to break it down here on the blog.  Also, I will restyle the look soon with my changes and share it with you.

I love that this has turned into such a learning experience for me, and also one that I can share with you!  



This blazer is perfect!  The superior quality, beautiful lines and this sort of throwback yet completely of the moment vibe is what makes it so interesting…and also, probably what made visions of Paris Fashion Week dance in my head.  Haha!  I think I got over excited about styling it…and perhaps a little carried away doing something a little different with it. Different is very good sometimes because you either discover something you love or you gain valuable insight from something you don’t love as much!

As I mentioned earlier, I love each of these pieces individually but, for me, they are not working all together.  

I usually prefer a boyfriend blazer with very feminine pieces, and here I paired it with chunky combat boots and a mock neck tank.  I think the combat boots may have worked if I had chosen a camisole or something cut lower.  Showing the décolleté  immediately balances the more masculine elements of the blazer (& combat boots)!   

The other issue for me is, in choosing the cropped denim paired with a blazer and combat boots, I managed to truncate my legs considerably.  I adore these jeans, but as you can see the last time I styled them for the blog here,  my top is tucked in to the high waistline which elongates the legs rather cutting the body in half.  This blazer hits right at the upper thigh which can cut the body in half especially when not balanced with a lower cut neckline & high heels.   

Here is a perfectly executed PFW combat boot look!  This is a stellar example of something I absolutely love but it wouldn’t work exactly like this on me. First and foremost, she doesn’t have to worry about truncating (and or chunkifying) her legs…enough said about that.  Also, as much as I love a dramatic black smokey eye, I would need to create a more subtle version of this. Often times, I draw inspiration from scrolling through PWF street style on Pinterest and then adapt the idea for me.  I wanted to share this concrete example to illustrate what I’ve been blabbering on about.

You get the idea, now, that it I need to change a few elements of this look to properly execute my style vision!

Next time around, I will.. swap out the mock neck tank for a cami and either pair with skinny jeans and combat boots or swap the combat boots for a delicate pair of heels.  Another option would be a full length pair of 501s with strappy, heeled sandals!

How would you wear a blazer like this?

You probably noticed something a little different about these photos, as well.  I added some film grain and subtle antiquing to enhance the 90’s throwback aesthetic and  I think it also helped me take my self proclaimed fashion fumble a little less seriously.  Haha!

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