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Hi!  I’m Gina.
These are the ramblings of a thirty something style addict, cat lover and health nut.  My little creative space is where dreams and reality mingle, and honesty prevails.  I hope you’ll want to cozy up and stay a while.
I‘m  a wife, a step-momma, a homemaker, and  a woman who is utterly obsessed with fashion and felines!  Although the last two are typically not related, if you enter my home office, you will see evidence of a relationship.  I also have a strong penchant for fitness, Italian cooking, natural beauty, and the love between a husband and a wife.

 My intention, from a very young age, was to become a Christian marriage counselor and author.  Although I did obtain a graduate degree in counseling, life happened and I found myself single and  on the corporate fast track.  Very much the opposite of the life I envisioned.  Not a day went by without a (or several) heart felt prayer(s) for the love of my life and the chance to bare my creative soul.

 Eventually, I met my darling hubby and our love story is as close to a real life fairy tale as it gets.  It was as if we were just waiting on each other for everything to fit together.  And it has… He was on his own raising his two little girls, and I was longing to be a loving wife and a mom.  My husband’s love and support is, without a doubt, the gift of my life!   Within a year after our wedding, we made the decision for me to leave my 9 to 5 gig for two reasons.  First and foremost, our youngest is a special needs child and needs a lot of extra care. We also want to give our oldest the attention and opportunities that were not possible in the past due to circumstances.  The other reason has to do with my chance to “bare my creative soul”. So, Diari Di Cuore was born!

  On the face of it, this blog chronicles my passions and demonstrates my affinity for all things creative, and sometimes even a little silly.  The real reason behind Diari Di Cuore is to encourage you all to never ever give up on your dreams.  It is no coincidence… the things in life that captivate your attention, the dreams that you can’t go a day without thinking about.  The broken hearts along the way could very well be refining you and leading you to the place where your dreams can come into fruition.  My hope is that Diari Di Cuore will lead us on a magnificent creative journey towards many realized dreams.


Thanks so much for reading!

XO, Gina