Gina Gales


ITALIAN to ENGLISH :  Diari Di Cuore translates to something like “heart diaries”


Welcome to my creative space!  I’m Gina…and I love that you’re here!  In addition to my passion for simple style and beauty, I’m a wife, a step-mom of two, a dog & cat mom, and my life is in God’s hands.  Before I am anything else, I am a bold hearted Christian woman.

I chose the Italian phrase for “heart diaries”  because this blog is exactly that… sharing what is dear to my heart with you.  Here, you will only see items that I truly love, tips that are tried and true.  You will only see real photos without filters and words of encouragement that I need as much as you do.

I believe, firmly, in authenticity and in helping other women uncover their very best selves.  Of course, the God given beauty I’m referring to is so much more than just what we wear.  It is important to remember,  however, that our personal style is an integral part of who we are and of what we tell the world about ourselves.  The key is in realizing that ‘personal style’ is something we each create.  Each one of us is the author of our own style story, and this style story is rooted deeply in who we are on the inside.  So, you see, personal style is far from superficial when it is approached with intention. Personal style is an ever evolving expression of what lives in our hearts so lets put our fingers on that and learn to never hide our light.  The world needs it!


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