It can be an epic challenge to keep our wardrobe quality standards high and not end up broke.  Although challenging, it isn’t impossible and it takes lots of time and patience.   Thanks to companies like Everlane and H&M Premium, we don’t have to settle for cheaply made stand ins for the pieces our hearts desire.

I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite finds for you.  These pieces are timeless yet work extremely well with the current style vibe.  I have one of these wool scarves and it is what scarf dreams are made of.  Chunky but not too chunky, soft and incredibly versatile. Also, I own both of these cashmere sweaters and the levis of course.  This is the most affordable, quality houndstooth blazer I was able to find but I do not own it so I can’t speak to how well it measures up.   After an exhaustive search, I actually ended up finding my plaid blazer on eBay.  Thrifted!  I had my mind made up on 100% wool but didn’t want to spend $500 on it.  I ended up with a vintage Pendleton and I’m so happy with this find.   More on this in a post coming soon.

Ok, back on track… the links!


Here are a few more of my favorite pieces currently available from Everlane & H&M Premium



What pieces are you shopping for right now?  I’d love to hear about them and about your strategies for budgeting! SaveSave






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