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Isn’t Cyber Monday supposed to be geared towards CHRISTmas shopping for family and friends?!  Oopsey… Well, it seems I’ve purchased myself a few CHRISTmas gifts.  All the items purchased from Gap, I scored between 30% and 60% off.  And these Madewell leopard ballet flats…  25% off and free shipping!!  I did get a bunch of things for Alex too, so some CHRISTmas shopping did get accomplished.


I’m noticing a pattern here with my shopping sprees.   I seem to scoop up a bunch of items in the same hues each time.  I wonder if this says something about my quirky personality on one of those psychological fashion evaluation scales.  Hmmm?  If anyone knows, please do tell. 

Last time it was all taupe and neutrals, now I’m on a black kick.  Who can go wrong with a perfect and affordable LBD (already came in and it’s wonderful on), a super skinny pair of black pants, a black pullover, a fuzzy charcoal pullover, and animal print flats!?


Please tell me I’m not the only crazy girl that shopped for myself this weekend! Ha! 


Have a lovely day, my friends!


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