cashmere borrowed from the boys

wearing:  navy cashmere sweater {slim fit mens medium}  |  Levi’s original fit 501 {size 27}  |  Everlane Editor boot sold out – my favorite similar pair here by Anine Bing!

I confess, I didn’t borrow this from a boy….I actually prefer to shop the mens department for a classic cashmere pullover.  The slim body and extra sleeve length seem to work best for me when I’m aiming for that effortless… classic, Emmanuelle Alt-ish, roomy but not oversized kind of vibe!  

Stocking up on mens pullovers is something I highly recommend.  One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned about style is never ever get caught up worrying about sticking to a certain size.  Instead, identify the way you want a piece of clothing to fit your body and then determine what size to choose based on that incredibly valuable bit of information.  I would say that a willingness to purchase mens clothing would fall under this objective.  Intuitively, it may not be what we would think to do out of fear it may end up looking frumpy.  I have found the opposite is true with pullovers.  If I size up in womens, it looks totally frumpy and the sleeves are still too short.  Not good!

 In other words, be completely open minded about how you will achieve your desired look.  I buy all different sizes based on the type of clothing.  The only consistency for me is bottoms.  Pants are always 4 or small across the board (this includes skirts, leggings, sweatpants).  For reference, I’m 5’6″ and about 130lbs.   I am not at all curvy {aka…no boobs or hips} but I have broad shoulders and very long limbs. For me, finding the right fit in long sleeve tops, blazers and button ups can be daunting…but do-able.  I’m sharing this information with you because I want you to be confident that whatever obstacles you face when it comes to fit can be overcome!

In case you are wondering, I do purchase and wear womens sweaters and sweatshirts as well.  I just have to stick to certain brands that I know create leaner garments with more length in the sleeves.  Blazers and button up shirts are always a challenge trying to find the proper fit through the body, and long enough sleeves… AND I’ve learned that I must not be resistant to sizing up!

Remember, you decide how you want your clothes to fit.  You don’t have to accept not feeling your best. No matter what your body type and fit preference is, you can find what you are looking for.  Just be patient, willing to search and keep an open mind. Oh, and find a great tailor!



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