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Hey ladies!  It has been a while…

I’m giving myself permission to feel ok with that, and to embrace time for introspection even if that means staying quiet on all fronts.  Enjoying the present moment free of pressure to create is under rated sometimes.  For me, periods of rest are crucial for well being and authentic living. Often, it is during the breaks that I gain insight that leads to personal growth and lasting, positive change.  With all that being said, I always miss all of you and I always miss this little blog.  Finding my blogging sweet spot has been an ongoing process for me, and it is taking a while.  That’s ok, though. What matters is that it is real, and it gives me a chance to document me growth process and share what I love.  I like to believe it inspires some of you, and lifts you up sometimes.

On the style front… I’ve been loving simple, clean lines.  Lots of black & denim of course.  My closet is looking much leaner, and simplified.  I love that I’ve been remixing and getting a lot of wear out of the pieces that I’ve chosen to keep.  The pieces that didn’t make the cut were sent off to the donation bin at church along with a little prayer that they land in the closet of someone in need who will love them.

Off the shoulder is not my favorite style on me.  I think it accentuates my broad shoulders a bit too much.  However, I think it is always good to try out things that catch our style eye.  I’m still experimenting with this top a bit.  So far, this look is my favorite using this piece.  As I’m sure you’ve guessed, these photos were taken a few weeks back when it was still a little warmer up here in New England.  I’m looking forward to sharing what I’m envisioning for Classy Ever After for this lovely autumn season.

I love hearing from you so please drop me a line in the comment section.  Let me know how you are doing, and what you would like to see here on Classy Ever After in the coming months.


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