Hey, my dear friends!   I’ve missed you all yet I’m feeling ok with stepping back from regular posting in order to concentrate on family, a new fur baby and personal growth.   Taking this approach to blogging has really transformed my style and this creative space in terms of quality.  The ‘Quality over Quantity’ mantra is everything it is cracked up to be!  Allowing things to unfold according to natural timing rather than forcing something that isn’t ready yields greater satisfaction for me.  I admire others who can just keep cranking out awesomeness!  For me, a slower pace is what allows everything to fall into place.

Today I’m sharing a look from a few weeks back (still winter trees).  I’m wearing the Yasmine dress by Wilfred Free which is one of my favorite pieces to slip into on a scorching hot day.   This dress is also the type of number that looks amazing with a pull over, a denim or leather jacket or even a long line cardi!  Versatility is a requirement now for everything that I purchase and I love that I can wear this one all year round.

This ensemble got me thinking about the little checklist that goes on in my head when I’m considering a purchase, and I thought I’d share some of my criteria regarding versatility across seasons.   Certainly, there will be pieces in our wardrobes that are primarily for one season BUT there are ways to ensure that many of our closet staples can be remixed across seasons.


  1. Consider the items you already own that you could pair with the item to make it work for you in varying seasons & weather.
  2. Pay attention to fabric composition and texture.  It makes a huge difference in terms of breathability, laundering and remixing.
  3. Carefully consider what pieces you already own and love, and those you need to fill wardrobe gaps.  This will help you determine if the item you are currently considering is  something you will actually wear frequently enough to make it a worthwhile purchase.
  4. Reflect on your shoe options.  I find that this is a huge component when it comes to being able to remix a piece across seasons.  If you don’t have or are unlikely to purchase the right pair of shoes to make the summer dress work with a top layer then you probably won’t wear it in the cooler months.
  5. Reflect on your lifestyle and activities.  For example…are you buying a sun dress for a cruise that you will never wear again unless you go on another cruise or visit a tropical Island?  If so, this is probably not the best use of your resources.  Instead try to find something you love that would work on the cruise and for date nights back home.  Trust me, it is possible!


 I have a real life example of #5 for you.  Recently, while browsing Nordstrom Rack online, I fell in love with this dress.  I still love it, and if my life afforded me more occasions to wear it, I would have snagged it in a second.   I have pieces in my closet to pair it with and it is the right cut for my physique, etc.  The caveat here is…where and when would I wear it??  If I’m being honest with myself, I may only have one or two appropriate occasions (for the rest of my life) to wear this gorgeous frock without looking completely over done.   You know how much I value effortless style.   So, I passed it up.  I still think about it but I know I made the right call because I can put those funds towards items that will make my wardrobe versatile & functional for me in my current life circumstances.

I hope this was helpful!  If you have any questions, feedback, suggestions or just want to say hi leave me a comment below.  I love hearing from you and not that I’ve added Disqus, I can send you my responses!

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