Spring is still alluding us up here in New England.   I’m trying to add some touches of warm weather style to my looks without freezing.  What better time to add a leather jacket, right!?


For some reason, I’ve always loved the look of a leather Moto with a classic striped tee.  I’m consistently drawn to pairings of classic or slightly preppy pieces with something a bit more edgy.   For me, it all comes down to that effortless vibe…the idea of a woman who isn’t afraid to remix the heck out of her wardrobe.  A woman who purchases the perfect quality items that she will actually wear with everything.  Style goals!


Speaking of style goals… I’m trying to decide what to do with my hair.   I tried the bangs and I love the look.  The problem is they are such high maintenance.   Most of you know I don’t wash my hair more than once or twice a week and I work out almost every day.   The short pieces can get incredibly stubborn especially since my hair is naturally wavy, thick, and…well…unruly!  I do really like having some layers in the front so at this point I’m thinking about doing something like this (maybe slightly longer) in the front but keep my longer length.  Opinions welcome!


Finally, I’ve been playing around with the photo editing option on my MacBook a lot lately.   I’ve discovered that I really love the fade filter that comes with the Apple photo app.  Also, I like the transfer filter a lot but I have to play with the saturation and exposure after adding the filter.  The transfer filter is great when you really want to make colors pop.   I don’t edit my photos in terms of trying to make my skin look perfect or make myself look thinner but I do love a great filter and I think it is a great thing to be able to edit photos to reflect a personal aesthetic.  What are your thoughts on photo editing?


Details are everything! Lately, I’ve been using scarves on my bag to pull my looks together.


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