Fall Back

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I don’t know about you, but I am ready for the crisper air & consistent schedule that comes along with my favorite season.  Fall is on its way back and I couldn’t  be more ready!  So far, we’ve had a few days where I could get away with slipping a sweater over my t-shirt in the early morning or or evening.  Perhaps many people wouldn’t have done this just yet, but my penchant for knits keeps me pushing the boundaries a little, I guess. Can you relate?

Autumn is a perfect time for a fresh start.  An overhaul.  A deep cleanse of the body, mind and wardrobe of course.  Dig deep and employ unrelenting honesty throughout your time of introspection.   Why?  Because this is how we unearth our very best self.   This idea reminds me of a quote {author unknown} I came across on Pinterest a while back.  Got me thinking…

“THE DEFINITION OF HELL.  On the last day you have on earth, the person you’ve become will meet the person you could have become. ”  -unkown

I believe God created each one of us with a profound purpose.  This purpose not only contributes to His flawless plan and ripples through the universe, but it is also the only path to authentic personal joy!  It takes some work & discipline to uncover, but so so worth it.   And, does style play a role?  ABSOLUTELY!


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