I’ve been asked to share my hair care regimen, and I must say I am both flattered and surprised. My hair has always been one of my greatest beauty challenges.   One of those things I would put on a list of the features I would change about myself ..if it were, in fact, possible to change the features God gave us.

Fortunately, I have grown to appreciate my abundant locks more as the years have passed. I like to think this is because maturity has a way of bringing authentic self confidence along with it, but if I’m being totally honest with myself… It is probably the vast body of knowledge around styling, taming, changing hair texture and the amazing hair care products available now that were not around in my younger days.   Also, my passion for nourishing my body and enhancing natural beauty from the inside out has, without a doubt, had the greatest impact on the health of my hair and skin. Eating a diet abundant in clean foods and vitamin rich fruits and veggies, drinking a lots of water, engaging in regular exercise, and of course, getting plenty of sleep all make us the most gorgeous version of ourselves that we can possibly be!  I will fill you in on how I control this mane so read on, my friends.




 My hair is extremely thick, course and wavy so it is prone to frizz and can get very very BIG when moisture or humidity are part of the equation.  I don’t like big hair, I hate frizz, and I  envy those girls that can shampoo, condition and go.  I can not! 

 Instead, I shampoo and condition (using Rusk’s Calm line) at night as I need to have my hair completely dry before styling.  Also, I wash my hair every other night, sometimes even every third night.  I towel dry and allow to air dry for about 10 or 15 minutes after combing out.   Then I apply two pumps of Moroccan oil (pictured above) to damp hair.
  Next, I use a round brush to blow dry (on low speed) only the front section of my hair.  By front section, I mean only the part that would be bangs if I had them.  Then I use a straightening iron to smooth this section.  Once the flat ironing of the front section is complete,  I pull all my hair into a tight braid starting at the back of my neck.  This is how I sleep on it.  By morning it is just about dry and the braid prevents frizz and swelling.  Since I can’t leave the house without showering in the morning, I pull all my hair up into a top knot and put a headband on to take a quick, warm shower.  The top knot prevents the moisture from creating frizz.  I also follow this procedure for showering on the days I do not wash my hair.  To style my hair once it is dry, I use a large 1.5″ to 2″ barrel curling iron to create loose waves and smooth hair surface.  I section my hair off in the same way I would if I were going to use a flat iron.   I recommend a good quality flat iron or curling iron because the cheaper ones can really damage your hair.  Hot Tools makes great products, but there are many choices.  Just be sure to research the products well to determine what will work with your hair type.
Honestly, when it rains or when it is extremely humid I fall back on a braid or a top knot.  Thank God for up dos:-)
 I love this Rusk shampoo and conditioner.  It’s one of the best I’ve ever tried and I order 33oz bottles of each  from Amazon for a total of about $38.  The Moroccan oil is expensive but it lasts a long time as you really don’t need much at all.  The Nutrilite vitamins (available here)  pictured above really help too.   A less expensive alternative is to take biotin which can be purchased at Target for about $3 a bottle.  Then there is the diet.  Nix the processed, refined foods.  Eat lots of whole grains, fruits, veggies, drink lots of water and don’t skimp on sleep.  I am confident that even if you have tough hair, following these tips will help you get your shine on.  Don’t fight your natural hair type.  Just enhance it by nourishing yourself from the inside out first.

I hope this helps, and as always, thanks for reading!


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