houndstooth blazer & Everlane Essentials

wearing:  Everlane cotton crew |  Everlane wide leg crop pant |  wool houndstooth blazer -thrifted similar| booties similar | vintage coach bag thrifted

As we muddle through each morning  in a fog so thick it is hard to see the coffee pot in front of us, we cling to any semblance of familiarity…any likeness to life before Covid-19.  For me, on of those things is blogging about personal style!  As I mentioned yesterday on Instagram, I am living in sweatpants, talking to Jesus…a lot, cuddling fur babies, and acting beyond goofy with my husband in an effort to keep myself sane.  He seems to be finally succumbing to the silliness.  We are all in this together and God is in control.

I can not think of a more inconclusive situation we have experienced collectively (in our lifetime) and there is no doubt the burden of ambiguity weighs  heavy on our souls and our minds.  All my life I’ve practiced believing in the beautiful things I can not see with my eyes.  I’ve seen prayer change things, and I have seen God confirm that I was right to believe what I knew in my heart even though there was no proof at the time.  The one thought I want to leave you with today is…  In all seasons, believe in the power of God…believe in the power of prayer.

And…if you want to be able to afford a nice wool blazer, try thrift shopping or Everlane.   That is all I have on the style front today.

Stay safe and hopeful!

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