Today we are talking about how to build the perfect for you spring wardrobe.  As is the case with anything we hope turns out exceptional, this is a process that will take time.

We will go over the steps together, but the first thing I want to do is show you a visual of the pieces that are my most essential for spring.  These are the building blocks for me based on my lifestyle and the weather here in Rhode Island from April to June.  

Grab a cup of tea, coffee or a glass of wine…relax and begin to visualize what your ideal spring wardrobe looks like.  

For now don’t think about financial limitations, and try not to allow anxiety or pressure to block your creative visualization.  We will deal with the practical considerations later in the process!  Please do not feel defeated if nothing comes to mind right away.  That is ok because it will once we go through the steps.  It is important right now that you know this is not about me showcasing my style.  It is about me using my experience to help you build a spring wardrobe that makes you feel your absolute best!  Are you with me?



Blazer |  leather jacket | white button up | cashmere v neck | grey tee white tee | black scoop neck tee | camisole | skinny denim | crop vintage denim | cut-off denim shorts | silk slip dress | leather belt | ankle bootie | sling back heel | white leather sneakers | simple sandal | loafer

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Now that you have seen an example of my spring wardrobe essentials (building blocks), we can talk about the creative process, details and next steps.  This is not a comprehensive spring wardrobe.  I would find it difficult to get by with only these items for an entire season.  These are the must haves.  They are my foundation and can easily illustrate, for you, the process of identifying what is just right for you.  I own all of these pieces and can mix and match them very easily and would be able to cover most occasions in my every day life with these items. As we go through this process try to keep in mind that the examples I’m giving you are my essentials.  You may love these pieces, and if you do your style is similar to mine.  It is absolutely ok if these pieces wouldn’t be your choices.  Together, we are going to determine what the perfect for you choices are.  



Keep in mind this is not a capsule wardrobe.  Think about it like this.  If someone said you could only keep 15-20 items from your closet for the season, what would those 15-20 items be.  If you are so over your current wardrobe situation and would love to throw most of what you own in the good will bin (I’ve been there)… then, consider what you would purchase if you could shop for any 20 spring wardrobe pieces today!   

Another thing to keep in mind about the details and philosophy behind this part of the process is the idea that, once we identify what we feel best wearing, we tend to stick with these outfit formulas.  For example,  I love to wear a simple tee with a blazer or my leather jacket and a great pair of jeans.  This is an outfit formula (often referred to as a uniform).  For this reason I have several basic tee shirts, a few blazers and lots of denim.  As time goes by, we build on these essentials and our wardrobes become more complete.  More often then not we start to see a unique sense of style unfold that others will recognize as ours.  It is fabulous when this happens.  It is such a self esteem boost, you guys!  Personal style is an art and that makes us the artists.  We can intentionally create something truly inspiring.   Something we can enjoy and feel good about every day of our lives!  

QUICK RECAP {creative process}

  • What 15-20 essential items would you choose for spring?   These are your wardrobe building blocks.
  • What outfit formulas do you reach for most and feel best in?   The types of pieces you pair together most often are your uniforms.  Embrace this.  It is not boring, it is your style.
  • Do you see a pattern of your unique personal style emerging?  If so, what it is it?  Not yet?  Worry not… this is only the beginning! 




Now that you have done some brainstorming and creative visualization, lets talk about more specific details.  One of the most valuable style lessons I’ve learned is that just because I like something on someone else doesn’t mean it will work for me.  I urge you to take a moment to consider how important this is in building a perfect for you wardrobe for any season.  Think about the fabrics, silhouettes, colors, and styles you feel most comfortable in. Get a feel for what really works for you.  What items have you purchased that you reach for over and over?  What items have you purchased that you never wear?  Can you think of an example of something you really liked on others and ended up hating on yourself.

Consider your life style and regular activities.  This is very important because you need clothes that you fit your real life.  Next, imagine I’m sitting with you now and I’m asking you to describe your style, what are the first few words that come to mind?  If you are earlier on in the process of determining your style, think about how you would describe the style vibe you are most drawn to.  For example, I would describe my style as timeless, effortless and simple and there is definitely a lot of European influence! I’m a stay at home cat & dog mom, step-mom, wife, and homemaker who loves wearing jeans! Although my style is simple and effortless, I like to feel polished, and refined.  The vibe that always catches my eye is simple, confident, and understated but somehow it is always just right.   As captivating as it is, it is equally as difficult to put into words why it so.

I recommend using Pinterest to determine what kind of style you are drawn to.  Consider what celebrities inspire you with their style.  Think about movies and TV shoes you watch.  What characters’ styles do you love?  These are all clues that will help uncover your true personal style!

Finally, I highly recommend buying the best quality items you can afford.  You will save in the long run when you choose quality pieces that will last for years.  This way you can slowly build up a wardrobe you love rather than replacing the same pieces each year because they don’t last. Also, it is better to have less and love everything you have than to have a bunch of things that are not making you happy.

Okay, I think we are ready to break this down into clear steps you can easily follow to build the perfect for you spring wardrobe.



  • Look in your closet and evaluate what you love and what you’d love to eliminate.  This is your starting point.
  • Next pull out your favorite 15-20 items for spring.  These will be items you wear most, feel great in and meet your real life needs.  If you hate everything, start browsing and make a list of 20 pieces you’d love to treat yourself to.  
  • Now, its time for your style profile.  Write out the following:
    • lifestyle and activities
    • style vibe you are most often drawn to
    • choose a few words to describe your style
    • consider your color preference (vibrant color?  neutral?)
    •  silhouettes you feel best in.  Do you prefer a streamlined or looser fit?  High or mid rise denim?   Pencil skirts or A line?  Do you feel better in a top that hits at your natural waist or at your hips.  Tucked or untucked?
    • What outfit formulas do you feel your best in?  For example, do you always feel best in a sweater paired with skinny jeans?   A blazer over a tee paired with high rise vintage denim?  Do you love a silk button up paired with a pencil skirt and pumps for the office?
  • This one is very important!  Are you choosing pieces you can easily remix to create lots of different outfit combinations?  Let me explain using my building blocks pictured above.  Notice I chose a slip dress for my one dress option.  Not only do I love slip dresses for my body type, but also, they are incredibly versatile.  A slip dress can be worn alone, with a cashmere sweater, a leather jacket or a blazer over it. Any one of my shoe options would look great with it.  Even the sneakers!  Every one of my tops can be worn with any of the bottoms, mix up the shoes and the outer layers for cooler days or evenings and there are so many outfit combinations.  That is another way to get more out of less so that you can invest in quality items you love!
  • Now, go back and revisit the first two bullet points.  Would you change anything now that we’ve spent time really thinking about your personal style preferences?  If so, go ahead and document what changed and why.


I know this is a lot of information at once!  Remember this is a process and it really can’t happen quickly.  It unfolds gradually as you realize what makes you feel your best, and as your budget allows you to make intentional purchases.  This is about choosing very carefully and taking your time with it.  The exercise above…the one  where I asked you to browse and list the items you would like to purchase!  This  was to get you tuned into what you love.  To really experience how that feels and to reframe the way you view your style.  You deserve to feel your best and as this happens you will actually be more satisfied with less shopping.  In short, I am not advocating that you go on a shopping spree and put yourself into debt.  Also, quality does not necessarily mean high end designers.  It means paying attention to fabrics, how something is made, how it feels against your skin, and how it fits your body.



Back to the concepts of versatility and remixing! Here is an aspect of style that deserves a big old book!  I’m going to give it a succinct section here (along with some visuals) so we don’t get off track.  This brilliant practice, often referred to as remixing, is the golden ticket to creating a quality, functional wardrobe that brings you joy instead of frustration.

Remember I mentioned the idea of a silk blouse with a pencil skirt for the office, or a cashmere sweater with a great pair of jeans for casual Friday or any time you are off duty?  Well, these are examples of outfit formulas, but they also lend themselves very well to remixing.  I’m a huge fan of silk button up shirts and cashmere sweaters because they work as well with jeans as they do with skirts and trousers.  (I love cotton and linen button ups too, but these are harder to pair with dressier pieces).  Silk button ups and cashmere sweaters are great  options for someone who must dress up more for work because both look incredibly polished with jeans for a night out.  So, this means you don’t need two separate sets of clothing for work and play and can indulge in quality a bit more.  

I’m going to use my spring building blocks to show you a little more about remixing.  For me pictures make all the difference…

I hope it was helpful for you to see several outfit possibilities using only the 12 pieces of clothing, 5 pair of shoes, and a leather belt!  As you can imagine, there are so many more possible pairings in addition to the ones I styled above!  The important thing is you get the idea that it you don’t need a ton of clothes to make lots of great outfits.  We are on our way to that perfect for you wardrobe!

Since I’ve shared so much with you here, I’m going to let you soak it in and cover the rest in a second post.  This will give you a chance to reach out to me via email ( ) or leave me a comment below with any questions or specifics you would like me to address next time.



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