If you haven’t had a chance to read How to Build Your Ideal Spring Wardrobe {Part 1} yet, I recommend doing so before reading through this post.  I promise it will make a lot more sense!  Re reading may be helpful as well.

My building blocks that I shared with you in part 1 are the basic pieces I feel like I couldn’t live with out, and what I would consider the most versatile for me.  Now, in part 2, I’m adding in what I would choose next.

 This is the part where we get to see & feel  a little more personalty and take more risk! My style is simple & timeless so of course that vibe remains but this time there are a few pops of color and even a little quirkiness.  I love the elements of quirky in personal style because they reflect our  unique nature in such a wonderful way.   A perfect example is my vintage Billy Joel t – shirt.  Totally quirky, but hey…I freakin’ love Billy Joel.  

Some of the pieces in my second round are common, but they are pieces that a person can easily make their own.  For example, the denim jacket has been around forever, and many people own one.  While some prefer a shrunken or cropped denim jacket,  some opt for one that fits just right, while I love the super oversized boyfriend style.  You get the idea.  Same article of clothing, totally different approach.  



Everlane cotton crew  | J. Crew everyday chambray shirt | Everlane slim classic crew | Levi’s denim trucker jacket | Everlane clean silk oversized shirt | Everlane cotton v neck| Gap long line trench | Madewell Kingston Button Front Sweater Tank |  Levi’s 501 crop denim | Sam Edelman Patti ankle strap sandal on sale| Everlane wide leg crop pant | Everlane Boss Mule 

options for similar styles :  vintage rock tees here, here |  black lace pencil skirts :  here, here |

*if you like any of my second round essentials, you can shop the pieces  by clicking on the links above.

Another thing to keep in mind is that many of these pieces will carry you into summer, and will also be in your fall wardrobe.  Once we cycle through four seasons of  my How to Build Your Ideal Wardrobe Series, I think you will begin to see (if you haven’t already) this wardrobe therapy stuff  as worthwhile and very effective!  


Before we jump into choosing your second round spring essentials, lets do a quick assessment of where you are in identifying your spring building blocks. 

  • Have you gone through your closet and decided what you love and what you’d like to get rid of?
  • Are there some items in your closet that you had trouble styling, but now have a better idea of how to use them in outfits you will love?
  • Have you let yourself explore what styles you love on Pinterest, Instagram, tv shows, movies, style magazines and then documented the vibes you are consistently drawn to?
  • Have you made your list of 20 or so items you would purchase now if you could?
  • Have you started to see your personal style emerging?
  • Finally, have you considered what your current budget allows in terms of purchasing, and what would be feasible short term and longer term?  Remember good quality is accessible at reasonable price points!

Ok, I think we are ready to take a look at an example how of the building blocks should coordinate and remix very well with the second round essentials.

 Remember, we are using mine as a tool to help you identify yours!  



An amazing awakening happens when you intentionally choose each piece of your wardrobe.  As you stand back and take it all in, it feels incredibly  satisfying because you created something.  You have created your very own masterpiece that is an extension and a reflection of you as a person.  This goes far beyond material things.  It is about living our best lives, about learning more about ourselves and sharing what we learn with the world.  It builds self esteem and allows us to make the impression we want to make before we even speak a word.   In the end, it actually allows us to spend less mental energy worrying about clothes because we are deeply satisfied with the ones we have.  Putting outfits together becomes so uncomplicated!

Now let’s apply all this to help you identify your second round essentials.  Have fun with it!


  • Again, consider your life style and activities!  You can have fun with this part but you don’t want to end up with pieces you really can’t wear comfortably in your own life.
  • Make sure these items flow in with your building blocks.  You want pieces that all remix well so you can make a ton of outfits you love.
  • Allow yourself a few fun statement pieces.  Think about what these would be.  For example: would you love a pair of sandals in a vibrant color?  Maybe, a blouse or a skirt in a fun print?  A cheeky graphic tee or a band tee?  A ballon sleeve top?  Something vintage?
  • What is coming to your mind?  Jot these thoughts down and then do a little research!
  • Try things on to be sure you like these pieces on you as much as the idea of them.

Let’s make some outfits, you guys!  This is my favorite part:)



I could keep going with this remix, but you get the idea.  The possibilities are endless!  My looks are simple, and I am a firm believer that simple is incredibly chic and timeless.  Investing in quality basics will never leave you frustrated or bored with your wardrobe.

This is a wrap for Building Your Ideal Spring Wardrobe Part 2!  I really hope this was helpful for you, and I welcome any questions or feedback you have.  Leave me a comment below or email me at diaridicuore@gmail.com



Disclosure:  Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. If you go through them to make a purchase, I may earn a commission.  Please know that I  link these brands and their products because I wear them, use them and believe in them. Not because of the commission I receive from your purchases.  If you do decide to make a purchase, I hope you love it as much as I do and thank you for supporting Diari Di Cuore.

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