How to create an affordable & inspiring home office {even in a small space}

I’m so excited to share my little home office with you guys!  I think this is useful inspiration for anyone who would love a little creative corner for herself at home but may not have an unlimited budget or a full empty room to convert.

I have seen so many amazing home offices featured on lifestyle blogs and Pinterest and, although they are beyond gorgeous and thoroughly inspiring, they are not a realistic expectation for many of us.  So, today I wanted to share my, imperfect but perfect for me, home office along with some tips for designing a workspace of your own with out draining your wallet.

Although it is difficult to tell from the photos, this space is only a little corner of the very small room that my hubby set up shop in to work from home.   So, the good news is…you don’t need a ton of space to do this for YOU.


1.  Select your space, and choose your color scheme.   I had to work around the green walls, and honestly, that presented a bit of a challenge but it worked out ok in the end.   If there is something like this you’ll have to work around try to stick with neutrals and cover as much of the unwanted element as you can.

2.  Determine if you have furniture you can re purpose, or invest in a simple desk and bookshelf.  You can find affordable options at Target or on Amazon.  

3.  Shop around at T. J. Maxx & Homegoods for decorative boxes & bins, candles, desk accessories, photo frames, etc.  There are always very cute pieces available at a fraction of retail cost.  

4.  Choose items that tell your story.   This will make the space your own.  Filling your surroundings with things you love will make it a comforting & inspiring place for you.  Someone who doesn’t know you should be able to come away from this space knowing a bit about what you love & what you are passionate about.   

5. I highly recommend boxes and bins to organize, separate and hide clutter…of course.  Clutter kills creativity like nothing else can so we don’t want it in our workspace or our lives!

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This is something I started doing a few years ago… as part of my journey towards my ideal wardrobe.     In addition to Pinterest, I keep binders of inspo I pull from my favorite style mags & look books from my favorite retailers.  Rather than keeping all the catalogs and magazines in full (way too much clutter), I pull out only what truly inspires me, fits my style, and what I can actually wear.  This is such a great way to identify what I love and how my style is evolving.

These binders are so easy to make.  All you will need is a white binder with the inserts on the outside to slip the pretty card stock into for a chic cover,  clear loose leaf page protectors, a great pair of scissors, and pretty card stock that matches your decor.

I love the variety of 12×12 cardstock they have at Michael’s (couldn’t link up), and that is where I got all the ones you see pictured in this post.  Below I’ve linked up a cute option they carry at Target.

If you are interested in a post on how to make these, leave me a request in the comments!  Here I’m going to include the supplies but not step by step instructions.

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