How to edit your wardrobe like a pro

If I am being honest with myself and you all, I have to admit this is the first spring I feel satisfied with my wardrobe…and my approach to adding a few carefully chosen pieces to the mix.  The style clarity I have experienced over this calendar year still amazes me.  I know I put the time and work into it, but still.  I feel as though I’ve been given a gift!

 Although the casual cool girl vibe may look effortless, it is far more deliberate than we convince ourselves it is when scrolling through Pinterest.  I feel like this is the source of so much angst and discontent among ladies everywhere.  We compare ourselves and wonder how & why she looks so naturally amazing while we are still struggling to achieve this seemingly allusive je ne sais quoi. Most of us have the potential…it is just a matter of channeling our instincts, and learning to be mindful about our wardrobes…our skin, our health, etc.  Everything worth having requires effort, sacrifice, and patience.  Set backs and frustration are part of the journey but we must not give up!
Are you guys with me so far?

In today’s post I want to talk a bit about how  I experienced clarity unfolding in terms of my personal style.
When I really leaned into my love of simplicity, neutrals, and the effortless vibe, I experienced a short of style epiphany.  Although it didn’t happen overnight, I was very aware of the process and when my wardrobe really started to fall into place!  I finally stopped fighting the urge to purchase similar pieces (you know the uniforms & signatures). I embraced what I love and started paying close attention to what always works, to the details, to fabric, to how clothes felt to the touch.  I purged like crazy!  I purged regardless of how recently I purchased the item, of the price I paid for it, of the label, etc.  If I didn’t feel my very best in it…out it went.  When I place my sacks of clothing into the donation bins, I prayed each item would land in the hands of the person they belong with.  With each of these decisions, my style clarity blossomed and my wardrobe began falling into place.  My shopping habits changed drastically.  No more settling, no more impulsive purchases.  Instead, meticulous & mindful choices are paving my way to a functional wardrobe that I love.

When we take the quality over quantity approach, we obviously can not purchase all of even our short list, and we must wait longer than we like for some pieces we have our heart set on.  I promise it is more than worth it in the end.   There was a time when I would settle, or try to find a less expensive option and those always ended up in the donation bin.  Not good.  I wish I had the money I wasted on those silly purchases now.  I could buy this stunning bag, slip dress and more… Grrrr.
Live and learn, right!?

Editing like a pro is all about choosing items that work seamlessly into your existing wardrobe.  It means choosing pieces that you can wear with several items you already own.  Also, carefully considering what you need to fill the gaps in your wardrobe is a must! All of this means taking your time, never settling, always choosing quality over quantity, and staying true to your personal style aesthetic.

Lets talk about my spring 2017 wardrobe prep…including my short list and a few additional pieces I’m loving right now.  A few I’ve purchased, a few I’m craving in a big way, and a few I love but they are a little out of budget.  I’m trying to choose only what makes most sense based on my current needs and lifestyle.

I’ve stocked up on jeans & cut offs over the past year or so.  Also, I’m completely satisfied with my collection of button ups, crisp white tops & ts, camis, warm weather blouses (mostly lace), and casual dresses.  I’ve been drawn to vertical striped button ups, white…lots of white, cotton-linen blends.  There is not a ton of variety in my wardrobe but I’ve learned that sticking to what works is my key to wardrobe zen.
Lately, I notice myself focusing on shoes…and handbags.   My shoes needed a bit of updating as my style has evolved.  I’m craving simplicity, high quality and timeless pieces that I’ll have for years.  I want my shoe/bag pairings to add some dimension to my wardrobe of basics.  There is nothing like a luxe bag and shoes to tie a look together.
Recently, all the shoes I’ve purchased are black, and then there is my Adidas superstars which I adore!


I’d like a nude bag but I think this purchase may be on hold until next spring.  I found the one I LOVE, and if I don’t end up getting this particular one…at least I know exactly what I’m looking for.   I will not settle.  I will wait.  Currently, I  only have one pair of nude shoes so I think maybe next spring my focus will be on the nude bag and a couple of carefully chosen nude pairs of shoes.  See how this works.  Here is a perfect example of the elements that factor into editing our wardrobes like a pro.  In the interest of choosing the items I will love forever and ensuring that I prioritize in terms of my most immediate needs, I will most likely put the nude arsenal on hold.


1. Black pointy toe flat mules.  purchased.  Marc Fisher shiloh flat mule.  Reason:  this pointy toe slide has held its position on my spring shortlist since fall!  When something sticks for a while, it is a pretty good indication that it is a worthwhile purchase.  I love the minimalist vibe and the versatility of this shoe.  It’s great with cut offs, dresses, skirts, all my Levi’s.

2. Black silk slip dress.   eyeing Cuyana silk slip dress.   I love the feminine elegance of this piece and it is a great choice for an LBD because of it can be dressed up or worn in a casual setting.  I have a summer wedding to attend so this is another reason to purchase it this spring.

3. Linen button up shirts.  purchased.  H&M logg Linen-blend shirt.  These are phenomenal for the price.  Well made and spot on in terms of a modern cut.  I snagged both the white and the striped one, and I know they will be in heavy rotation this spring and summer.  I did size way up for an oversized look.  H&M is tricky but there are some fabulous finds and these are a perfect example.

4. Simple light colored cross body bag.  Cuyana top handled bag.  See notes above for the story.  I adore this bag.  It is exactly what my hand bag dreams are made of.  It is stunning in black also.  Swoon!

5. Neutral silk square scarf.  purchased.  Banana Republic large silk square scarf.  I love the color palette on this beauty.  My one exception to the bag & shoe matching rule is using a silk scarf tied onto the handbag to pull together the contrasting elements.  I can use this scarf to make my nude heels work with a black bag.  Also, this will be perfect to add some detail to a basic denim and t-shirt look.
7. Black suede block heel mules.  purchased.  Vince Camuto Jevan block heeled mule.  These are perfect.  Great quality, plush suede and dramatic block heel.  Exactly what I was looking for and the price is amazing (60% off) over at

shop my short list and a few additional spring 2017 purchases


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