How to mix leopard print into a minimalist wardrobe

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As many of you know, I’m not much of a print person…but leopard is another story!  This eternally chic motif merges beautifully with my minimalist style vibe. Last week when I asked for your thoughts about leopard as a neutral, almost every response was an emphatic yes!  I agree.  Also, most of you reading Diari Di Cuore regularly are most likely drawn to simplicity in personal style…as am I.  Taking this into consideration, it makes sense to focus on leopard print as it blends into a minimalist wardrobe.  I am using the word minimalist to describe a style quality not the number of pieces that make up a wardrobe.  

Through experience…otherwise known as trial & error…I’ve learned that the looks I’m most comfortable in maintain an unmistakable sense of ease and simplicity.  For example, I gravitate towards black hand bags and shoes unless the rest of my outfit is black, white or denim, then I don’t mind a pop of cognac or brown…or red!  If I’m incorporating any print or brighter hue, I always stick with a black bag and shoe combo.  

Next up,  I’m going to share a few tips for keeping your leopard look minimal, and then I’ve rounded up my edit of  leopard pieces currently available from my favorite retailers.



  1. Pair your leopard print with black accessories and other neutral pieces of clothing especially black and white.  Styling leopard with other colors, and a brown (or bright colored) hand bag & shoe combo will transform it into a preppier look.  Although there is nothing at all wrong with preppy,  keep in mind that if you are drawn to a minimalist vibe you may not be comfortable in leopard styled that way but you may not know why you don’t love it.  Consider trying out leopard with very simple pieces and you may be surprised at how it suddenly does feel like “you”!
  2. Stick with the classic leopard colors!  Browns, blacks and tans.  
  3. Only one leopard piece or print at a time, and keep other accessories and make up understated & elegant.
  4. Try a larger leopard print.  The smaller prints tend to loose that simple feel unless it is something small like a belt or a camisole that you are wearing under a black suit or blazer.
  5. Take your time looking for the right piece that you love.  Quality is everything especially with something that is going to stand out like a leopard print sweater or dress.



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If a leopard belt is on your radar, this one is my favorite!  Mine is currently on order.



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