I’m wearing :  Levi’s 501 original fit | All Saints leather jacket | YSL le rouge lipstick

When it comes to vintage band tees, styling is the easy part.  Finding the perfect one is the epic challenge.   It seems sort of counter intuitive that something beat up and old is so pricey.  I’m not kidding!  A vintage band tee with all the features that make them so damn cool is usually at least $100!  I prefer not to pay that much for a t shirt.   Although, I think they are off the charts sexy when styled well!


My eyes are always peeled for more affordable vintage (ish) band t-shirts.  You’ll never  guess where I found the one I’m wearing in this post.  Gap.  It is a Gap mens graphic tee that I paid $20 for.  Every once in a while, Gap partners with a brand that makes very cool band tees and this was one of them.  Recently, I stalked a Billy Joel tee and finally snagged it on sale from DAYDREAMER

I recommend being very selective when considering a made to look vintage option.  There are good ones available but some of them are not so good.  Definitely opt for 100% cotton by a brand that is known for making vintage looking tees.  DAYDREAMER has some that are worth checking out.  Old School Tees also has a good selection of vintage inspired licensed band tees.  

WyCo Vintage has a great selection of authentic vintage band tees but they are not inexpensive!

Another option is hawking ebay or Etsy for hours looking for one that has the right amount of wear, and vintage vibe  and is actually a band you like.  I don’t advocate wearing it if you don’t like the band or know what they sing.  I’m on the hunt for an Aerosmith tee at the moment!


A band tee is one of those fun pieces that, if you happen to like them, is a fabulous addition to your wardrobe.  They look great with a blazer, a leather jacket,  alone with a pair of jeans and even to kick back at home with your favorite sweat pants! Seriously!  They make everything look cool.

My advice is to stick with a worn in black or white tee that is slightly oversized but not so big that you can’t tuck it in and throw on a blazer, or jacket with it.  Also, I would stick with either an actual mens shirt or a boyfriend fit if it is woman’s shirt.  If you get a fitted woman’s style you will not get the vibe you see here.  Stick with 100% cotton as it will get softer and perfectly worn with wash!


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