How to style it your way {at any age}

Happy Thursday all!  One more day till play time, and hopefully one day closer to warmer weather up here in Rhode Island.

You all know I think style is the ultimate art, right?!  So, today I want to talk a lot more about this.  Viewing style as an art helps elicit a mindset that helps us identify and develop our own way of putting pieces together.  Remember we talked a bit about signatures and uniforms a couple of weeks ago?  Both of these concepts are elements of styling outfits our own way as they are the epitome of honing in on what works best for each of us.  There is more to it though…

I’ve heard it said written a time or two that the word “curated” is overused among stye bloggers. I have to respectfully disagree.  I think it is a perfect word to describe the process of meticulously choosing each piece to build a wardrobe we love.  This is how the process unfolds.  We must carefully consider every purchase, we must be able to envision the aesthetic we intend to create with our personal style, create a plan and carefully execute this plan in a way that appears pretty much effortless.   Easy?  Not always.  Possible?  Most definitely!

As I approach 40…rapidly approach 40  (turning 40 in three weeks), I find myself contemplating the role age plays in style.  Now, I don’t subscribe to the idea of banishing certain things once we turn un Certain Age.  Instead, I believe we should consider a variety of factors when considering which pieces to nix and which ones to embrace.  Such factors include; body type, comfort level, life style, and specific occasion.


1. No short cuts!  Put in the time it takes to gather inspiration, identify your desired aesthetic, shop around, walk away, shop some more.  Do not settle for anything other than exactly what you want.  It will be worth the wait when you see your wardrobe turning into what your dreams are made of.

2.  Purge.  Do not hang on to pieces that are not working.  They will only create an obstacle to defining your style and learning the art of making your looks your own.  I think this was one of the biggest realizations that lead to my style awakening!  Give it shot.  Every time you put something on that doesn’t work (for whatever reason) put it aside.  Get it out of your closet and out of your site for a trial period.  I’m almost certain you won’t want to pull it out again.

3.  Don’t fight your instincts.  For example, if you are hopelessly drawn to blazers don’t force yourself to buy something different.  You will find conflicting advice out there, but I believe what you are drawn to is your true style.  Your signatures and uniforms are your ticket to wardrobe zen! What you love and feel comfortable in is how you style it your way.   Lean into it.

4.  Learn the difference between loving something and loving it on you.  This was the hardest lesson for me to learn.  In the beginning of my style journey, I purchased many pieces that seemed perfect on Pinterest or on another blogger without consideration of how I felt when I put them on.  If I wasn’t crazy about how something looked on me when I tried it on, I would convince myself the flaw was in me and that there was nothing I could do about it …”everything is going to look better on her because she is prettier or thinner, etc.”  You guys, this is soooo not true.   Each and every one of us has so much unique beauty and style and it will shine once we identify what works specifically for each of us. I promise you this!  If you don’t love something on you, move on to something else until you find what makes you feel the way you long to feel.  This one is a game changer.

5. Don’t set strict age limits.  It is much less about age than it is about  showcasing your strengths and concealing your trouble spots.  We all have both at any age.  Sure, as years go by our bodies change and we have to consider this when choosing pieces but we have to get away from the focus on age.  I once read that no women over 30 should ever wear a pair of converse.  How ridiculous is that?  Nonsense.
 I happen to love distressed denim and I plan on wearing it until I’m no longer breathing.  Ha!  My low rise days are over, but the ripped jeans will live on.  And, I will have long silver hair…I will never wear Bermuda shorts or house dresses and I’ll still be rocking the red lips, cashmere sweaters and Levi’s when I’m playing bingo at the senior center  running a yoga program at the senior center!
If you’re thinking I’ve lost my mind, you’ve never seen Linda Rodin.
Seriously, take care of your skin, eat healthy, exercise and you will not have to put age limits on your style.


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