Ideal Fall wardrobe remix outfit #1

Wearing:  Blazer thrifted almost identical here | Levi’s 501 skinny denim | Black tank top | Jeffrey Campbell Siren booties | Vintage Coach bag thrifted 

As I’ve mentioned before, it is important to me that I share what I love in a way that is also beneficial for you.  I’ve been giving a lot of thought to how I can continue to do this in new and interesting ways that line up with the core message of Diari Di Cuore.  I think I’ve come up with an affective way to illustrate the concept of remixing the wardrobe building blocks I’ve shared with you in my ‘ How to Build Your Ideal Wardrobe Series’.

Going forward, when I style a look made up entirely of pieces from my ideal wardrobe building blocks I will include a photo like the one directly below, and the post will be titled ‘Ideal Wardrobe Remix Outfit #__.   

As a personal style blogger, I want to demonstrate how possible it is to curate your unique style and build a wardrobe of lasting pieces you treasure.  I want to reassure you that having a beautiful wardrobe does not require a six figure income, nor does it mean you have to keep buying all new pieces each season to keep up with “trends”.

Instead of this trend driven, out with the old-in with the new cycle, you can invest in timeless items that you know you will love for years.  You can gradually add to your wardrobe  as your budget allows.  Thrifting is also a great way to find quality pieces for less.  The blazer I’m wearing here is a thrifted item.  I stumbled upon this 100% wool, vintage Pendelton via eBay.  It isn’t always easy to find exactly what you have in mind this way, but with patience and frequent stalking, it can be done.  I think I paid about $40.00 for this perfect blazer! Everlane has a beautiful, very similar blazer currently available which I love and had planned on purchasing.  Since I was able to thrift a very similar piece, I  put that money towards a few other items I had on my list.  

The moral of this little commentary is that taking the time to carefully curate a wardrobe made up of fewer, high quality pieces that you truly love, and then wearing them all frequently (remixing) is as stylish as it gets!  My goal is to highlight this conviction through this ‘Outfit Remix’ series.



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