How was everyone’s weekend?  I hope you all had some invigorating, crisp fall weather to enjoy.  Fall has come slowly for us up here in New England.  These photos were taken last weekend when it was still a bit warmer.  Finally, fall is in the air and I am ready for chunky knits.


Onto style…Today, I want to briefly discuss outfit proportions.   This is a crucial component of identifying what works best for our personal style.  I don’t believe ideal outfit proportions and silhouettes are the same for everyone.  I think it has a lot to do with body type and style preferences so there aren’t any hard and fast “rules” that apply across the board.  However, I have learned {the hard way at times} what works for me and this awareness has made my life a whole lot easier.

Personal example

For the purpose of illustrating my point, I’m going to give you a personal example.  I have a straight athletic build with broad shoulders.   I am 5’6″ but most of my height is in my legs.  I have a very short torso, and this has always been something I’ve had to work hard to balance.   I’ve had to accept that some silhouettes do not look great on me even though I love them.  For example, I have a very difficult time tucking my tops in without looking like my pants are pulled up to my boobs.  The proportions have to be just right for me to pull that off.   On the other hand, a semi cropped boxy top is my easy go to.   It hides my short mid section and lack of waist definition, while showcasing my long legs.

My Best Advice

The best advice I can give for identifying the proportions that make you feel your very best is simply try on lots of variations.   When doing so, pay very close attention to the cuts you have on when you feel satisfied.   Notice the pattern and jot down what really works and what absolutely doesn’t feel good.   Intuition is epic in the style world so trust it!   Get in front of a full length mirror and be brutally honest with yourself.  It is ok, because, once you identify the best proportions for you…it’s smoother sailing from that point on.




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