personal style is worth a thousand words

wearing:  Levi’s 501 original fit size 27 x 32 |  Everlane Texture Cotton Crop Cardigan


Personal style has such a profound impact on how we feel about ourselves, and it speaks volumes about who we are inside and out.  When framed like this, it is impossible to ignore the significance of style!  

This does not mean you need to spend a fortune on high end designer duds, or that you should make it your life’s mission to keep up with the latest trends.  On the contrary!  In fact, I wholeheartedly believe in the exact opposite approach.  It is all about investing in quality pieces that fit your desired aesthetic & lifestyle.  Not only will you want to have these carefully chosen pieces around for the long haul, but also…they will actually last !

Now you’re probably thinking “that’s great, but how do I know I’m choosing the right pieces?”  This is a very fair question!  

The most important component is doing the preliminary work.  In other words, you must take the time to pinpoint what you love, what works best with your body type and lifestyle, and what you feel your very best wearing!  There certainly is a practical aspect to this process (ie. daily activities, comfort, etc), but there is also an abstract…feeling…element to identifying personal style.  As I’ve mentioned quite a few times, I believe personal style is an art.  Like any form of creative expression, there is often an intangible quality about it that draws us in, and until we really pay attention to the commonalities of what we gravitate towards, clarity can easily allude us.  Never forget, though, that you are the artist in this very significant style situation.   Choose carefully, and pay attention to details because the picture you are painting is worth a thousand words!

You can refer to my How to build your ideal wardrobe editorial for my comprehensive outline of steps to follow in identifying your personal style!

I hope you found this both inspiring and refreshing.  Refreshing?  Yes… because I am intentionally implying that you are worth the time and effort it takes to build your ideal wardrobe one step at a time.  Style satisfaction isn’t only for the rich and famous, I promise!  

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