Recent Intentional Purchases


*the  Everlane blazer in the shop images above is a similar option to the one I thrifted.


The Emotional Brain

As our second week of self quarantine draws to a close, I know we are all unwaxed eyebrows deep in anxious thoughts.   Although we try to stay positive, the serious and scary questions are forcing their way to the forefront of our minds.  The rational brain can only control the emotional brain for so long.  Once the amygdala slips into overdrive, there isn’t really much we can do to stop it other than drink wine, shop online and pray hard.   The pray hard should have come first but I admit I’m failing at that one right now.  

One of my closest girlfriends (also my neighbor) and I have been meeting in the yard for a glass of wine a couple of times a week to keep each other sane.  During our chat last night, I mentioned my uncertainty about blogging during this time.  Do people really care about personal style or shopping while this pandemic is rendering our lives almost unrecognizable??  Why am I doing it?  Does anyone care?   For me, saying something aloud …exactly as it is screaming in my head usually helps me sort it out.  

It is so important to be steadfast and diligent in offering compassion and aid for the collective welfare at this time… it is also a very good thing to lean into our individual gifts and passions.  Every one of us has something unique to offer the world and that shouldn’t stop during a crisis.  In fact, there are many who need it more than ever.  I have decided to continue sharing my passion with you for my own well-being and in hopes of encouraging others as well.   Whatever lights you up from the inside out is so important…much too important to put on hold!  


Recent intentional purchases {a few sales too}

Today, I’m sharing the purchases I’ve made over the past few months.  I actually think I might start doing something like this quarterly as I think it fits in perfectly with the “building the ideal wardrobe” theme.

A few of these pieces that I was able to snag on sale have been on my list for quite a while. You know my philosophy about never buying something just because it is on sale.  This almost always leads to dissatisfaction.  I always keep a running list of pieces I intend to purchase eventually and if one comes up on sale …. fabulous! Most likely, I will take advantage of the promo.   Keeping this list always reveals the items that are fleeting whims and those that are enduring ideal wardrobe items.  This practice also keeps me from giving into impulse buys, and allows me to channel those funds into building my ideal wardrobe.

Ok, lets delve into the list

  1. Puff Sleeve Leopard Cardigan by & Other Stories.  On Sale!  regular price $119 current price $59! I‘ve had my eye on this gorgeous alpaca -wool blend sweater for months!  Since fall, actually, when I purchased the pullover version.  That leopard pullover has been on of my most worn pieces all through fall and winter.  I love the cut of this cardigan and it is great for spring as it can be worn as a top layer during the transitional weather.  
  2. 14K gold Signet ring by Mejuri.  This piece is my birthday present from hubby!  I’ve had a delicate gold signet ring on my wish list forever!  I swear by Mejuri quality.  As you can imagine, I was delighted when I saw this limited time 15% off select items and my signet was one of them!  It has not come off my finger since it arrived and it is exactly what I wanted.
  3. Chuck Taylor High Top Sneakers by Converse.  This was a repeat of my combat boot situation.  I felt drawn to these and kept questioning myself.  Is this really you?  Are you going to like these on you?  The desire to get them in my closet persisted until I caved, and I’m happy to report…I love them!  They really do look good with almost everything.  This also goes to show that it is ok to follow your instinct when drawn to something that may feel a little different for you.    True story, a few friends admitted recently (when I mentioned ordering Chuck Taylors) that when I first mentioned I ordered combat boots they could not wrap their heads around it at all.   They also admitted that now that I wear the combat boots all the time, and blog about them… it totally makes sense.  Lesson, trust your gut…wear with confidence!  
  4.  Prada 55mm cat eye sunglasses.  A dramatic pair of quality cat eye sunglasses was on my intentional purchase list.  I was thinking I would probably get a pair at the start of summer.   I set my max spending limit at $150 so you can imagine that when I saw this perfect Prada pair for $100, I could not resist (original retail price $352)!  A few seasons ago doesn’t deter me at all because my style is really timeless.  I’m not a trendy girl at all so I can really take advantage of discounted and thrifted designer items.
  5. Vintage Pendelton Boyfriend Blazer.  Thrifted via ebay.   I wanted a two button, oversized black wool blazer exactly like this one.  This one is a size 10 so this one will be extremely oversized.  I usually go with a 6 or an 8 in blazers but I’ve been loving the super oversized vibe on Pinterest lately so I’m giving it a shot.  This is a refundable item and it hasn’t arrived yet, but I will keep you posted.


I also ordered the classic sweatpant via Reformation, and two of the pima micro ribbed tanks via Everlane.


As many of you know, Everlane is one of my favorite retailers, and they rarely run promos.  Recently they have been, so now is a very good time to browse the site and see what it is I love so much.  


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