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As I move along in my journey of defining my personal style, and editing my perfect wardrobe…I notice other life situations seem to be getting easier.   Situations such as embracing unpleasant weather on a weekend get away,  getting ready quickly but still feeling put together,  keeping everything (not just clothes & closet) neat and organized,  sustaining motivation and mental clarity even when life gets a bit chaotic.

Experiencing so many positive shifts occur in my life as I streamline my wardrobe is yet another indication of just how significant personal style is!  It is an important component of who we are and how we convey that message to others without saying a word.  It is worth the energy and focus we put into editing our wardrobes and the wonderful part about it is that after the initial process it becomes second nature.  We learn what we love, what works and what doesn’t…when not to buy something, etc.   Suddenly we find ourselves not stressing about clothes anymore and life seems less complicated.   We don’t have to put all kinds of focus and energy into matters of style…not because we don’t care…but because it just sort of flows.

Rewind to a few years ago, I would have been beyond frustrated about rain in the forecast for a weekend away.  This time I wasn’t.  I knew I had the right pieces to pack, I knew I would feel good in my clothes and that I would enjoy myself even in unpleasant weather. 

 I thought this was worth sharing mostly because it is at the heart of what I’ve always envisioned for Classy Ever After.   Sharing my process of streamlining, simplifying and creating a wardrobe I love and helping other ladies do the same is what my dreams are made of.

Recently my hubby and I took a weekend trip up to Portland & Kennebunk, Maine.  Today’s look is what I wore out to lunch and to walk around Portland during the day.  The rain got heavier in the evening so for dinner I slipped into my Hunter boots and a cozy pair of wool socks.  Of course, I added my beanie while I was outdoors.  This was such an easy transition from day to evening and I was able to enjoy my day without giving the weather a second thought!  Kudos to the sweater dress!

Have you noticed life getting easier as you grow in your personal style journey and streamline your closet?  I would love to hear your experiences!


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