sneakers with a skirt & my doggie

He’s tall, dark & handsome, as funny as can be, loves to cuddle and hates kisses on the nose.  He is my 3 year old lab/greyhound, his name is Nero and he’s stealing the show on Classy Ever After today!  I love this guy to pieces and I’m feeling thankful I got him to stay still long enough to capture his sweet face on camera.

While we are talking about doggies, I’ll give you an update on the adoption.  We are working on it!  In fact, there is one pending as we speak.  She is a beautiful 1 year old black lab who is currently in a loving foster home down in Tennessee.  I’ll be talking to her foster mom over the next couple of days and hopefully she will be up here with us before long.   This fur baby adoption has taken so much longer than our others.   We have filled out several apps, and a couple I thought were a sure thing.  One of them was adopted by her foster family.   The good news is so many people are rescuing now, and I’m thrilled that all these sweet angels are finding fur ever homes.  I’m hopeful about the baby girl we are in the process of adopting now.  Fingers crossed and I will keep you posted.

On the style front… I’m loving these sneakers.  With everything.  For me, this is a shining example of  feeling completely satisfied with an item in my wardrobe. This is exactly how it should feel.  By it, I mean the way we need to feel about every piece we choose to add to our wardrobe.  The ironic part of this is that I held off on purchasing these for a while.  Why?  Because I had my black converse and never really loved them.  I was worried that maybe I just don’t like sneakers other than for athletic purposes.  Last summer I purchased a pair of white leather Adidas neo clean sneakers for traveling, and I do like those too!  The short of it is, I love my superstars!  And, yes, I donated the converse.

Have you ever  hung onto something you never really loved on you…and continually tried to make it work?  If so, how did you eventually decide it was time to part with it?


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