Stay the course…

wearing:  Everlane Alpaca crew  | Levi’s 501 original fit denim size 27X32 (sold out)


Hey there, my friends.  It has been a minute!

This year has been…complicated to say the least, and I am looking forward to new possibilities in 2020.  No pressure…just hopeful.  I’ve been up in my head A LOT the past couple of months, and unfortunately that is an obstacle to my creative energy.  I’ve had to give myself permission to rest and lean into this period of transformation and growth.   I think it is ok to be less productive sometimes, but I also know that using my gifts, and sharing my light has tremendous healing power…and so…I can not hide forever.

Talking about style is always uplifting for me, and it definitely doesn’t hurt my head like over thinking my life does.  So, let’s talk about style…shall we?



I have not yet come up with a fitting {cute & quirky} name to describe the situation in which we have an item in our wardrobe that we don’t love…. there are features we like about it enough to have difficulty passing it along until we are able to replace it with the perfect piece.  So we hold onto it, and subsequently, end up wearing it partly from a place of guilt, and partly because there is an element of it that is right.  For me, these booties fall into this category.  Full disclosure, I’m not loving them at all looking at these photos.  The super high pencil heel & pointy toe combo is spot on but something is off for me.  The western detailing and the wide ankle opening is not exactly the look I’m after.  If I recall correctly, I purchased these at a deep discount about 5 years ago.  I settled because I loved the heel and pointy toe, they are genuine leather and they were inexpensive.  As I’ve mentioned many times, I’ve learned this ‘never settle’ lesson over the past few years.  If we settle, we end up unhappy and that guilt wearing phenomenon occurs.  This creates negative feelings about our wardrobe and ultimately ourselves.  I know…it sounds dramatic, but it is the truth.  So, my advice is don’t settle.  Either save up for what you really want, or keep your eyes peeled for something just right that is within your budget.  Both take patience, but this approach is both possible and entirely worth the wait.  Stay the course!

One of my reasons for blogging about style is to document what works and what doesn’t!  Diari Di Cuore is an online diary about honesty, mistakes, triumphs, lessons… it is about sharing the truth.   You, my friends have just witnessed a real time lesson evolve.  These booties are not for me.  They are for someone else and I am going to set them free to find that someone.  For me it is better not to have a pair of pencil heel, pointy toe booties then to have a pair that creates these frustrations.

Currently, I am saving up for the Everlane Editor Boot.   These beauties are simple & striking, feminine & wearable, and I can not wait to get them in my closet!  Last year, I splurged on the Boss Boot  by Everlane and I have to tell you that the quality is impeccable, they are extremely comfortable and just so well designed.  I can not say enough good things about them so, as you can imagine, I’m completely sold on Everlane footwear.


Disclosure:  Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. If you go through them to make a purchase, I may earn a commission.  Please know that I  link these brands and their products because I wear them, use them and believe in them. Not because of the commission I receive from your purchases.  If you do decide to make a purchase, I hope you love it as much as I do and thank you for supporting Diari Di Cuore.

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