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This series is turning out to be a lot of fun.  For anyone why hasn’t had a chance to read Style it Better vol. 1, here is a quick recap of the intentions and purpose of the series…


My “Style It Better” posts are born out of an outfit I’ve styled and, upon reviewing the photos, realized I didn’t LOVE everything about it but that it does have potential.  So, I did not deliberately shoot an outfit with a flaw for the purpose of posting.  It is real, and part of my learning process.  I’m sure we can all relate to the swift reality check photos can bring our way.  Although it can be a bit of a blow to our self-esteem, it is a very valuable tool for growth.  It has helped me tremendously on my path to finding my wardrobe zen

Also, the items pictured in my notes are only items I currently own, and may not be available at this time.  I will always include my favorite currently available options for creating the look.  In this case, I would looove to snag a pair of those block heel, leopard booties!


I’ve always loved Levi’s, and truthfully, I have no idea why I stopped wearing them for so long.  It must have been the takeover of the skinny jean.  I remember wearing the Levi’s 501 through high school and college, and now I’ve recently purchased two pair of the wedgie fit, and pair of 501s.  Obsessed.  Like anything else, exploring a new silhouette has a learning curve.  The wedgie took me a few tries to figure out how I’m most comfortable in them.  As many of you know, I have a love hate relationship with high rise bottoms.  I am forever self conscious of my short torso and this tends to leave me non-committal when it comes to “the tuck”.  I adore the look, but I have struggled with it on me.  I’m moving past it now as I learn more tips and tricks, and eliminate more carbs. insert goofy emoji


For starters, this style of denim works best with a heel, or more skin (ankle/foot) showing.  I would switch to a block high heel bootie, a pump, or a pointy toe flat or loafer.  In the interest of not having to purchase a bunch of new items at once, I could style this look with either my leopard pumps or the flats pictured above in the notes section.  In my opinion, both of these choices are classic, versatile, and timeless.

Second, the infamous tuck struggle… Once again, my insecurities in this area created an obstacle to achieving my vision for this look. The high rise denim  looks best with either a cropped or semi-cropped top, a body suit or a top tucked in. This was unchartered territory for me at first, and I had significant difficulty committing to the tuck.  In this case, my photos revealed sort of a scrunched up top, scrunched down bottom which must have been my fear of looking short wasted. YIKES!  Memo to self: Do not do this again. Tuck it in already!  Lesson learned.


Disclosure.  I’ve always battled with body image, and I have always had to work extremely hard to stay fit & trim.  As I age, it becomes more and more difficult, and I find myself having to eliminate more foods and beverages from my diet.  I prefer myself on the thinner side.  Thinner than my friends and family think is best. The short of it is…I am happier with a bit more waist definition and have been concentrating on making that happen.  Rather than feeling less than my best, and frustrated when I try certain looks…I made the decision to work towards my goal in this area.  I know many women share a similar struggle and it isn’t easy.  My best advice is do what is best for you as long as it is safe & healthy.

Also, I have found that wearing a deep v neck, scoop neck, or a button down blouse unbuttoned with peeking underpinnings helps to offset my shorter torso. I like a slightly boxy cropped sweater or blouse as well.  Adding some heel height makes me more comfortable as well.  I know a belt is often used to add definition to the mid section, but this is not the best look for me. I’ve invested in a couple of high quality body suits too, and this is helping me embrace a tucked in look on me. 

I hope this post is as helpful for you all as it has been for me.  It feels so good to be back blogging again, and visiting my favorite blogs.  I feel so blessed by the interactions I have with so many of you, and I welcome your comments, feedback, advice, etc.  Thanks so much for stopping by, and sharing in my passion.


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