Summer Staples & Iso-Lessons

wearing:   Cut off Levi’s (tailored) similar here  |   white linen button up  |   mules similar  |   YSL  le rouge


The Staples

  A white linen button up, and a fabulous pair of cut-off Levi’s are most definitely essentials!  I know I couldn’t live without em’!   For certain, it is one of my favorite summer uniforms.  This entirely versatile ensemble works for just about any casual summer situation…beach to dinner, errands, travel!  It is sort of a blank canvas  you can create a multitude of looks with by switching up shoes, and accessories.  A linen button up paired with denim (shorts or jeans) is simultaneously polished & effortless … I think that is what makes it a favorite of mine.  The multitude of options for styling make both pieces investment worthy summer staples!

Finding a perfect pair of cut offs can be an epic challenge!  In my experience, they most often require some altering, and trimming!  For the most flattering fit, I recommend going up a size…or two and then having them taken in a bit at the waist (sometimes the hips too)!  I’ve actually purchased full length denim with the intention of making shorts.  Until recently, it was tough to find denim shorts that actually covered up the butt cheeks!  Currently, there are lots of longer styles available but they’re all selling out so quickly.  All things considered, it makes sense to buy a pair of jeans (size up), and then cut them to your desired length.  If you are looking for that higher rise, cinched waist look you will likely need tailoring.

As for the linen button up, I highly recommend Everlane’s Linen Relaxed shirt!  



These are such strange times!  I don’t think any of us would disagree with the idea that things are weird right now.  Life is different, and as is the case with any change, this requires some significant adjustments.  I have experienced a fair amount of anxiety,  yet I’ve noticed some subtle changes in my thought patterns, and some healthy shifts in perspective.  I’m calling them “iso-lessons”.  I thought I’d share them with you…mostly because I think increased mindfulness is something to be so grateful for, and to pass along whenever possible! 

  1. Although I’ve been a strong Christian for as long as I can remember,  completely trusting God, putting what is most dear to us in His hands and not stealing it back is a profound challenge. Recently, I’ve noticed that my trust in God is so complete.  Rather than stealing back the things I handed over to Him, I’ve found myself talking to him about those things…and truly feeling peace in knowing He will do what is best.  I know nothing is better than His best, and I will be ok if He decides that something I think I want isn’t best.
  2. Reading my bible regularly is absolutely necessary.  It is, no doubt, a discipline.  Especially the Old Testament!  But God honors it in so many beautiful ways.
  3. My natural hair wiggles are not that bad after all!  I’ve straightened my hair twice in the past three months.  For me, that is epic.
  4. Sweatpants are freakin’ amazing, and if you get the right ones…they are absolutely chic.  Karl Lagerfeld got it so wrong when he said ” Sweatpants are a sign of defeat.  You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants.”  Sorry, Mr. Lagerfeld.  Comfy is sexy!
  5. Cats and dogs really are anti-depressants.

Pretty simple, right!?  Things always become increasingly more simple as we get closer to the truth.  Whether it is a linen shirt & a great pair of denim shorts, or God whispering “I’ve got you…worry NOT!”, the very best is uncomplicated.


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