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Uncomplicated accurately sums up what I need.  Every aspect of my being {physical, emotional, and spiritual} is craving sustained simplicity!  Authentic, straightforward, raw, real, streamlined… Uncluttered & uncomplicated.

Although I’ve been struggling with what I’m calling a “Mind Clog”, there has been one directive that consistently makes it through the immense fog. The directive is “SIMPLIFY EVERYTHING” !  The voice of Jesus is slow and steady, and His plans take years to unfold.  Not minutes, hours, days, months…  Nope!  His perfect plans take years…decades sometimes.  

Is it uncomfortable?  Sure is!  Is it worth it to listen to Him and wait?  My friends, there is no greater gift than the challenges that grow an unwavering faith.  So, yes…it is soooo worth it!  I’ve been on this journey of simplification for years, and I’m seeing the fruits of my obedience to His promptings. He doesn’t reveal the whole story at once… His directions are one step at a time.  You won’t necessarily know why you must do a certain thing when He tells you to do it, and He won’t give you the next step until you act in faith and obedience.  I have seen this play out so many times in my life, and I promise you…it is the Truth.

If you have been reading Diari Di Cuore for a while you’ve probably noticed my tendency to use analogies to link style and life!  My mind has always connected things in this way, and it is how I’ve learned the most important lessons.  God talks to us the way we understand because He knows us so well.  I am aware that my love for style and animals is connected to my faith… every aspect of the woman God created me to become, with His grace & guidance, is connected.  I’ve learned to discern what I love style wise based on a deep knowing that an outfit or a piece is right for me. I get a similar feeling when God is telling me a certain thing or situation is right for me.  You see… when it is real, and right, and true…it all fits together when we have faith enough to let it unfold in His time.  


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