Why combat boots make my fall/winter short list


At the end of August, I finally found the perfect for me pair of combat boots!   Last winter, I found myself wholeheartedly drawn to that model off duty, Euro chic look of an edgy combat style boot worn with denim and that absolutely effortless, easy going vibe I can’t get enough of.   I pinned it like crazy, and I started that thing I do … where I design my ideal version of the piece I’m coveting in my head.  As you can imagine, trying to find what I’ve dreamed up in my own mind isn’t usually that easy.  I poked around a bit but everything I found was either not quite right or way beyond my budget.  

Since I’ve promised to always be honest with you guys, I’m going to admit the insecurity that started to creep in regarding combat boots on me.  No joke!  I started to worry that what I was drawn to was the legs for days on the stunningly beautiful, size zero, twenty- somethings wearing the combat boots.  I convinced myself they wouldn’t look good on me, and then summer came and I put the idea on hold.  As soon as I started thinking about fall style again, the craving for a buttery soft pair of leather combat boots re surfaced.   If this was still going on…there must be something to it, right!!?  Sure was!  

The short story is…Nordstrom Rack had a Frye event!   There they were…pretty much exactly what I envisioned and at an amazing price.  And get this, there was one pair left in my size.   If I needed a sign to confirm, there it was.  Proof that if something is meant for you, it will not pass you by.  I’ve already worn them so much, I love the way I feel wearing them, and they are extremely versatile.   My instinct was correct…I did need them and now I can’t imagine not having them in my wardrobe.   



in life & in style

In life and in style, our biggest breakthroughs are often waiting for us just beyond our comfort zone.  If we can push through our fears and insecurities, and step out in faith…I believe most of the time the results will be something we wouldn’t want to miss out on.  When we are inexplicably drawn to something or someone consistently for a prolonged time period,  there is often significance to it.  I am not suggesting that we blindly follow every instinct and act impulsively on the reg.  No, that could be costly in so many ways.  I’m simply suggesting that giving credence to what captures our attention and our hearts, is imperative in this life.  Should you pray on it, and test it…and wait for the proper timing?  Most definitely!   Should you take style related situations this seriously?  Well, I think so!  Personal style correlates very much with what is happening on the inside.  I’ experience so many situations where my personal style journey is akin to what is happening on the inside.  Take the combat boots for example… I see in retrospect, that I’ve been really leaning into the part of my character that is grounded, strong, and fit for battle.  That is the core of who I am as a woman.  Respectively, it stands to reason that I would feel very much at ease wearing combat boots.  My intuition showed me something before I was consciously aware of the connection.  


Seriously, I would never consider being without a quality pair of combat boots again!  These are short list worthy all day long.  This is one of those items that I feel is worth an investment for a couple of reasons.  First and foremost, if you choose a quality pair, they will last.  By nature, they are sturdy, rugged footwear.  As long as you treat them with a leather protector, you won’t have to worry about them in rain or snow!  For versatility,  I highly recommend choosing a pair with a rubber sole so they will serve you well through the fall & winter.  Second, when searching for my perfect pair, I noticed that the more inexpensive versions create a different vibe than what I wanted.  I came to the conclusion early on that this is one of those items that I either wait for, save up for, or don’t end up getting.  

Combat boots have all the qualities that I use as a barometer for making my short list of essentials for a particular season.  They are versatile & practical.  They look incredibly chic with  jeans, and dresses alike.  They bring an element of nonchalance and inherent confidence to your style and presentation.  When it comes to wardrobe items, it doesn’t get much better than un-fussy, low maintenance, always chic, and the quality of keeping you from falling on your buttocks in the ice and snow!

wearing: Aritzia tank (sold out), Levi’s original fit 501s, Frye Savanah combat boots similar, Cuyana tote



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