Why you should embrace the style signature & uniform concepts

Confession… When I started blogging, I remember getting caught up in the idea that I couldn’t feature basic looks on the blog.  You know, the looks I actually wear regularly.   It seemed as though I needed to style everything to the max, have all the of the moment attire, and most foolishly… try my best not to feature the same pieces too often.

The craziest part about this is that my view could not be more opposite now.  My previous perspective seems so…well…amateur and un-wise.   I am beyond grateful that as my style journey unfolded…and I focused on my true self & style, I embraced my convictions regarding  how significant & stunning simplicity is.  This is especially true when it comes to all things style related.  My question for myself is…why on earth would I have put that aside initially and convinced myself it wasn’t exciting enough to share?   The lesson.  Well, it is pretty darn simple actually.  Don’t look outside ourselves for the truth.   Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing or wearing. What we need to know is in our souls, and its been there all along.  Does following our hearts apply to style?  ABSOLUTELY!

This brings me to the next topic I want to chat about today.


Yes…notice those (S)s!  You can have more than one of each.  I do!  These are the pieces and looks we have come to love and wear often because  we’ve realized how well they work.  We’ve realized the dreamy extent to which they allow us to feel comfortable and like the best version of ourselves. When we identify our signature pieces and uniforms we significantly minimize wardrobe stress across the board.   

Signature pieces are items that you may have several of because they are your favorite.  For example…you may have several leather jackets in different colors & styles and wear them with everything.  Or, your signature could be borrowed from the boys cashmere sweaters (this is one of mine), or it could be something like red lips or bold colored hand bags, etc.  Another signature of mine is the vintage Coach cross body bags.  Love them!!  It is something others come to associate with us because we wear it often and we wear it well!

Uniforms are outfit formulas that you tend to wear variations of most of the time.  For example, in the winter, my uniform is a great pair of jeans (Levi’s lately) and a slouchy cashmere sweater or a white t shirt or cami with a cardigan & jeans.  For a dressier look, it is a lace top with jeans, or a slouchy cashmere sweater with a skirt or over a dress.  When the weather warms up,  I tend reach for white t shirts,  or a white or striped button down shirt with cut off denim most often.  I do wear other things but the majority of my looks are variations of these simple formulas.

Considering my love for simplicity, neutrals, quality basics and the signature & uniform concepts, it seems hard to believe I could have gotten so off track when I first started blogging.   Live and learn, right!   This is part of being human and I think we can easily apply this lesson learned in the style realm to any aspect of life.  It is so important to remember to stay true to ourselves no matter what is happening around us!


-Coco Chanel


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