Sweater: T.J. Maxx (old) |  t-shirt: Gap |  Jeans: American Eagle | Necklaces: Stella & Dot



I am not sure what to call these jeans… My intention was to purchase a pair of winter white skinny jeans, but these run a little big and stretch out quite a bit while wearing.  I ordered a pair in pink at the same time so now I have two pairs of skinny jeans that are not so skinny.  I’ve spent a lot of time contemplating the skinny jean, the jegging, and the stress over proper fit lately.  This trend has kicked off, what seems to be, a preoccupation with the way jeans fit… OR the way jeans fit me.

I think I’ve narrowed this pesky problem down to a few obstacles.  I’m in between sizes and I tend to size up whenever there is any question.  I want to avoid the muffin top at all costs, and I have this idea that, at 35, I shouldn’t be wearing my clothes skin tight.  Also, there is versatility to consider!  I don’t want to be locked into only wearing a pair of jeans with a long shirt.  

 So, I’m not entirely certain if it is the jeans or my hang ups about sizing.  It seems to me that the jeggings are the only ones that really cling and don’t stretch out once you’ve had them on for a bit.  I have a few pair of jeggings that I wear with my boots and longer tops.  It’s not that the jeans in this post look bad (well, I hope they don’t…ha ha!)  I do like them, but I am disappointed  that I can’t tuck them into my riding boots because they bunch up at the knee, and because they don’t have that sleek Pinterest-esque silhouette that I find oh so chic!  Perhaps I shouldn’t order skinnys on line so that I can try them on first.  Perhaps I should take the risk and size down hoping that they will stretch in the right places and not create a muffin top.  Yikes!

I would love to hear your thoughts about the skinny jean dilemma.  Have you experienced this struggle with fit and sizing?   How have you resolved it?  


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